Development of a smart lumbar posture correction vest


  • Cleiton Rodrigues Mendes
  • Cristina Favaron Tugas
  • Márcio Rodrigues da Silva
  • Arthur Menezes Pinto
  • Biatriz da Silva Soares
  • Eduardo Oliveira Urbano
  • Matheus Paulo Felix dos Santos
  • Rodrigo do Vale Sampaio



Correction Posture, Smart Vest, Android App, Massage


Lack of proper lumbar posture is responsible for the occurrence of neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, and muscle and joint injuries in the abdominal region in more than 75% of individuals. This scenario is influenced by the excessive use of computers in the workplace, prolonged periods of incorrect sitting posture, inadequate posture during daily activities, and repetitive and localized movements, among other factors. Consequently, numerous studies are being carried out with the aim of reducing or eliminating the frequency of the problem. The most common solution proposed by researchers is the use of lumbar posture correction waistcoats. This article has automated a posture correction waistcoat that protects the wearer but also monitors their posture. When incorrect posture is identified, the waistcoat generates a warning signal. To do this, gyro sensors, accelerometer sensors, and vibration motors were installed and supervised by an Arduino microcontroller. A communication system based on Bluetooth technology was used, integrated into an Android app that interacts with the user, displaying monitoring data and providing graphical representations of inappropriate postures. In addition, a health and well-being module was implemented, which suggests a physical exercise routine to prevent back pain. In addition, a therapeutic massage module was included for relaxation and an interface for storing music that can be played while wearing the waistcoat. The results demonstrated that the implemented system generated a smart vest capable of monitoring and alerting the user when an incorrect posture was identified. Furthermore, the results indicated that the health and well-being module provided a positive user experience.


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