Desfechos Adversos Perinatais Associados A Escolaridade Materna

Adverse Perinatal Outcomes Associated With Maternal Education


  • Bianca Elicker Rosin
  • André Luís Marcelo Albuquerque
  • Rodrigo Ribeiro e Silva
  • João Pedro Ribeiro Baptista
  • Carla Gisele Vaichulonis
  • Jean Carl Silva



puérperas, escolaridade, Metodologia /, puerperae, schooling, Methodology


Objective: To compare different levels of education with adverse perinatal outcomes in low-risk patients. Methodology: Cross-sectional study, puerperae were randomly selected, usual risk, attended in the public network, with single gestation. The evaluated puerperae were divided into 3 groups, according to education: primary or less, secondary and higher or more. The outcomes evaluated were cesarean section, neonatal ICU, low 1st minute Apgar, prematurity, and low birth weight. The calculation of the odds ratio had a 95% confidence interval. Results: the population was divided into 3 groups, 187 (52.9%) puerperal women with primary education or less, 437 (60.5%) patients with secondary education and 98 (13.6%) patients with higher education or more.  Maternal characteristics differed in terms of age, previous pregnancies, normal deliveries, previous cesarean sections, age of 1st pregnancy, number of prenatal visits, income, number of people living in the household, and tobacco use. In the newborn profile, there was a difference only regarding cesarean sections. After calculating the odds ratio, it was seen that patients with primary education or less had a lower propensity to perform a cesarean section (0.511 95%CI 0.290-0.900), as well as patients with secondary education (0.530 95%CI 0.322-0.873), both compared to the population with higher education or more. In the other outcomes, no significance was observed. Conclusion: Primary and secondary education proved to be protective factors for cesarean section. No difference was found regarding prematurity, low birth weight, need for neonatal ICU and low 1st minute Apgar score.



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Bianca Elicker Rosin, André Luís Marcelo Albuquerque, Rodrigo Ribeiro e Silva, João Pedro Ribeiro Baptista, Carla Gisele Vaichulonis, & Jean Carl Silva. (2022). Desfechos Adversos Perinatais Associados A Escolaridade Materna: Adverse Perinatal Outcomes Associated With Maternal Education. STUDIES IN EDUCATION SCIENCES, 3(1), 49–60.