Series active filter using seven level packed U cell converter for power quality enhancement


  • Ismail Ghadbane
  • Khaled Belhouchet
  • Assam Zorig



harmonics, power quality, series active filter, PWM, instantaneous power method (P-Q), SRF


In a low-voltage electrical grid, harmonics can have devastating effects on electrical equipment, leading to premature aging, reduced lifespan, and increased maintenance costs. To mitigate these issues, the control of a PUC-type multi-level converter series active filter is investigated in this study, with the primary objective of improving energy quality and reducing disturbed electrical voltage. The proposed filter utilizes a PUC-type voltage inverter controlled by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and employs two methods for identifying disruptive voltages: the instantaneous power (P-Q) method for harmonic compensation and the SRF (Synchronous Reference Frame) method. The simulation models are built using the MATLAB-Simulink software platform, which allows for accurate and efficient modeling of the filter's behavior under various operating conditions. The simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the series active filter in mitigating harmonics and voltage disturbances, highlighting its potential for real-world applications. The results show that the filter is able to significantly reduce the total harmonic distortion (THD) of the output voltage, improving the overall power quality. Furthermore, the simulation results also demonstrate the ability of the filter to quickly respond to changes in the grid voltage, making it an effective solution for addressing voltage disturbances. The study's findings suggest that the PUC-type multi-level converter series active filter has great potential for real-world applications in low-voltage electrical grids, particularly in systems that require high-quality power supply and efficient harmonic compensation. The proposed filter's ability to improve power quality and reduce harmonic distortion makes it a promising solution for mitigating the negative effects of harmonics on electrical equipment in low-voltage electrical grids.


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