Effect of glass fibers on performance of mortar and concrete


  • Bariza Boukni
  • Mohamed Lyes Kamel Khouadjia
  • Sara Bensalem




wastes, fibers, concrete slump, compressive strength, 3-point bending strength, gwyddion software


The recycling of waste and the reinforcement of concretes and mortars, with fibers are a technique that is increasingly being used to improve their mechanical performance, durability, reduce costs and protect the environment. Glass fibre is one of the most interesting types of fibre to use, as its use reduces the environmental impact of glass fibre waste by offering a recycling process and maintaining its valuable strength properties. This paper focused on the effect incorporating glass fibers at different dosages (0.25%, 0.5%, 0.75% and 1%) on the rheological and mechanical properties of mortar and concrete. A wide range of tests were conducted including flow time, concrete slump, compressive strengths, 3-point bending strengths, tensile strengths and microstructural characterization by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). To support the discussion of the results, an analysis of the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image was carried out using Gwyddion software to study the adhesion between the fibers and the matrix and to analysis the heat flow distribution of fibers in the mortar and concrete matrix. The obtained results showed that the content fibers dosages had a significant effect on the rheological , mechanical properties and on the adhesion of fibers to the matrix of the mortar and concrete , with better behavior in the presence of concrete aggregates. The analysis of the SEM image using Gwyddion software shows that good distribution and the good adhesion of glass fibres in the mortar samples . In contrast, the distribution in the concrete is not regular which does not give a good adhesion to the matrix.


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