The geometry uniformity parameters effect on the dynamic behaviour of trapezoidal beam


  • Mohamed Bouamama
  • Mohamed Bouamama
  • Zouaoui Satla
  • Azzeddine Belaziz
  • Lakhdar Boumia



active control, trapezoidal beam, piezoelectric materials, finite element model, fundamental frequency


Understanding the delicate interplay between geometric design principles and dynamic responses is vital for numerous engineering applications because it allows optimization of structural integrity and performance for manufacturing and special use of this structures. In this study, a complete numerical analysis is undertaken to investigate how differences in geometric parameters impact the structural behaviour of a cantilever smart trapezoidal beam, giving useful insights for engineering applications. The beam consists of a host structure made of aluminum couple with two piezoelectric layers on its top and bottom surface. For such purpose, the study a 3D finite element model has been implemented in ANSY APDL and applied by Matlab we used the interfaces between the two software, considering that the beam changes its form in the axial direction following polynomial based function. The function takes two geometric parameters as an input which are the tapering ratios and the degree of non-uniformity. The beam is then subjected to a harmonic based excitation and the effect of changing tapering ratios and the degree of non-uniformity is analyzed., allowing analysis of the effects of altering tapering ratios and the degree of non-uniformity The results led to a conclusion that just by manipulating the mentioned parameters a considerable changing in the fundamental frequency and the amplitude has been noticed. Addition our numerical analysis shows that small changes to the tapering ratios and degree of non-uniformity have a considerable influence on the behavior of cantilever smart trapezoidal beams. These discoveries add to continuing research in smart materials, paving the road for creative engineering solutions.


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