Investigation of pad radius effects on multiaxial fretting fatigue behavior of al2024 alloy


  • Abdelghani Baltach
  • Ali Taghezout
  • Mohamed Ikhlef Chaouch
  • Ali Benhamena
  • Abdelkader Djebli



fretting fatigue, finite element analysis, hot spot, fe-safe


Fretting fatigue, a critical phenomenon prevalent in engineering applications, occurs at the interface of contacting surfaces under cyclic loading, presenting significant challenges. The advent of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has transformed the investigation of fretting fatigue by offering detailed insights into stress distributions and fatigue damage mechanisms. This study delves into the impact of pad radius on the fretting fatigue behavior of Al2024 alloy using FEA, with a focus on hot spot analysis and the Smith-Watson-Topper (SWT) criterion. The analysis aims to validate numerical results against analytical findings and explore the role of pad radius in determining contact behavior, fatigue life, and hot spot locations. By incorporating "fe-safe" software, computations are streamlined, facilitating efficient comparison of different fatigue initiation criteria. The results demonstrate that variations in pad radius significantly influence fretting fatigue behavior. Larger pad radii tend to distribute stresses more uniformly across the contact interface, resulting in reduced fatigue damage and longer fatigue life compared to smaller pad radii. Hot spot analysis reveals that smaller pad radii concentrate stresses at specific regions, accelerating fatigue damage initiation. The findings contribute to a deeper understanding of fretting fatigue mechanisms, shedding light on the importance of pad radius in designing more durable engineering components. Through professional scientific methodology, this study provides valuable insights into optimizing pad design to mitigate fretting fatigue and enhance the reliability of mechanical systems.


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Baltach, A., Taghezout, A., Chaouch, M. I., Benhamena, A., & Djebli, A. (2024). Investigation of pad radius effects on multiaxial fretting fatigue behavior of al2024 alloy. STUDIES IN ENGINEERING AND EXACT SCIENCES, 5(1), 2196–2215.