Application of the FMECA method on the electro-hydraulic system for drilling machine type NKH45


  • Abdelhak Elhannani
  • Abbes Elmeiche
  • Mohamed Bouamama
  • Toufik Bousnane



preventive maintenance, radial drilling machine, reliability, FMECA method


This article focuses on the implementation of a preventive maintenance strategy, responding to a major challenge: the search for optimization in minimizing downtime of the radial drilling machine (NKH45). Crucially positioned at the heart of the mechanical manufacturing process, this machine holds significant influence on overall production performance and availability. In consideration of the strategic importance of this equipment within the framework of the mechanical manufacturing activity, an advanced methodology, in particular FMECA (Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis), is implemented. FMECA represents one of the most recommended approaches in this context, based on reliability, allowing the meticulous identification of the main causes of functional failures of equipment. FMECA is a risk prevention method. It is used to improve the reliability of a product, a process or even a means of production. It makes it possible to assess the criticality of potential failures in a system. According to the recommendations of the maintenance department of the company specializing in the construction of agricultural equipment, this study will focus on a subsystem of the electro-hydraulic part of the NKH45 radial drilling machine, we use the FMEA Analysis method (Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis). Thanks to this approach, it is possible to identify the main reasons for equipment breakdowns that affect production and to classify these breakdowns in order to develop an optimal maintenance strategy aimed at: reducing the number of breakdowns, preventing breakdowns, improving the preventive maintenance, reduce downtime, improve corrective maintenance, therefore the ultimate objective of this approach is to design an optimal maintenance action plan in order to significantly minimize downtime, which slows down production flow.


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