Robust fuzzy – backstepping mode control of an induction motor


  • Abdelghafour Herizi
  • Abdelhafid Benyounes
  • Riyadh Rouabhi
  • Abdelghafour Boudras
  • Fayssal Ouagueni
  • Abderrahim Zemmit



induction motor, vector control, backstepping control, fuzzy logic, hybrid, robust


This paper presents a novel control for induction motors using backstepping control and fuzzy logic. The Backstepping control is suggested as a substitute for the conventional PI controller to attain high-performance motion control systems for the speed, flux, and current control loops. Stability analysis, based on Lyapunov theory, is also conducted to guarantee the convergence of the speed tracking error from all possible initial conditions. The speed regulator was changed to a fuzzy logic regulator. The simulation results confirm that the proposed hybrid control fuzzy-backstepping scheme offers improved performance in terms of trajectory tracking ability and robustness against variation when subjected to time-varying reference input.


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Herizi, A., Benyounes, A., Rouabhi, R., Boudras, A., Ouagueni, F., & Zemmit, A. (2024). Robust fuzzy – backstepping mode control of an induction motor. STUDIES IN ENGINEERING AND EXACT SCIENCES, 5(1), 1317–1334.