Control and fault diagnosis for two-interleaved boost converter associated with to PEMFC


  • Abdesselam Belkheir
  • Benaissa Amar
  • Bouchhida Ouahid
  • Meradi Samir
  • Benkhoris Mohamed Fouad



fuel cell, interleaved boost ‎converter, PI controller, open-circuit, fault diagnosis


This paper presents an enhanced control and fast fault detection method, localisation and isolisation for a two-phase interleaved boost DC/DC converter specifically designed for fuel cell applications. Fuel cells are known for their rapidly changing output voltage and current due to fluctuating load demands. Conventional converters might not be able to respond fast enough to maintain stable operation under such conditions.The two-phase interleaved design offers significant advantages. such as reduced ripple current delivered by dividing the Input current, the converter significantly lowers input and current ripple compared to single-phase designs. Each phase handles a smaller portion (1/N) of the total current, leading to reduced stress on individual components and enhanced reliability and operating margins. Additionally, Interleaving minimizes conduction losses by dividing the current among multiple converter stages. This work presents a model of a two-phase interleaved boost DC/DC converter and implements a PI controller for its output voltage regulation. This control method guarantees good performance even under varying reference voltages and load conditions. The proposed algorithm addresses the challenge of open circuit switch failures by utilizing current slopes for swift fault detection and rapid corrective action. This ensures accurate reference tracking, desired dynamic response, and timely fault detection and localization. The entire system was rigorously tested using MATLAB/Simulink software under various conditions, including reference voltage and load variations, as well as open circuit switch faults. The results showcase the proposed system's superior performance in terms of: Dynamic performance: The system exhibits rapid response to changes in operating conditions. Fast fault detection, localization and isolation.


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