Combined impact of dune sand and crushed brick waste on the characteristics of raw earth bricks


  • Ferdous Bezaou
  • Ouarda Izemmouren
  • Salim Guettala



adobe bricks, crushed fired brick waste, dune sand, mechanical characteristics, thermal conductivity, water absorption


The primary motivators behind the renewed focus on employing locally available materials, recycling industrial waste, and utilizing their characteristics for adobe bricks are cost-effective building materials, thermally efficient, consuming less energy and reducing environmental emissions. In light of this, this study examines how the physical characteristics and mechanical behavior of quicklime-stabilized adobe bricks' are affected when dune sand (DS) and crushed fired brick waste (CB) are combined. The thermal conductivity of adobe bricks was also studied. According to the data, the compressive and flexural strengths significantly improved with the addition of 40% CB. A slight strength increase was observed with the incorporation of 20% DS, which is not the case for the other types of sand. Addition of 20% DS to the mixtures resulted in a decrease in the TA and Cb. SEM technique confirmed that the use of CB and DS in the adobe bricks preparation procedure resulted in a reduction of voids in the matrix, thereby improving the characteristics, especially their physical characteristics. Additionally, there was an improvement in the apparent density when the M1 combination was included. This resulted in an increase in the speed at which ultrasonic waves propagated. Similarly, M3 combination helped to reduce the TA and Cb. With regard to M1 combination, it increased the compressive and flexural strength of adobe bricks by 71.75% and 52.23%, respectively, as compared to the RB. Significant increases in elasticity modulus were observed in compression and flexion. The combination of CB and DS slightly increased the thermal conductivity.


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