Quantification of water losses and performance analysis of drinking water supply systems in northern Algeria - case study in the Medea region


  • Lassaad Gouacem
  • Rachid Masmoudi




drinking water, networks performance, technical diagnosis, water losses, water supply


This study was prompted by the observation of the great difficulties that affect the public provision of drinking water in Algeria. The analysis of measurements revealed the performance level of the tested systems as well as the rates of drinking water losses rates in the Medea region (located 60 km southwest of Algiers). The small number of water meters and an intermittent supply make it difficult to quantify water volume losses. This article presents an analysis of the demand for drinking water and the supply systems performance, based on an extrapolation from a sample of consumers on whom data are available. This approach to exploring the current state of the drinking water system, its functioning and behaviour, has made it possible to draw up a report on this system’s reliability even in the almost total absence of metering of the consumed volumes. It will also help appreciate the quality of service and contribute to establishing relevant database on the water system and its service.


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Gouacem, L., & Masmoudi, R. (2024). Quantification of water losses and performance analysis of drinking water supply systems in northern Algeria - case study in the Medea region. STUDIES IN ENGINEERING AND EXACT SCIENCES, 5(1), 242–256. https://doi.org/10.54021/seesv5n1-014