An investigation on the effects of using TMD for vibration control on the response of high-rise buildings to seismic excitation


  • Ali Bousouar
  • Sallaheddine Harzallah
  • Bachir Nail
  • Imad Eddine Tibermacine



earthquakes, building, tuned mass damper, vibration control, displacement, accelerations reduction rates


This paper demonstrates that a tuned mass damper (TMD) is capable of effectively reducing vibration in high-rise buildings during seismic events. This study examines the effects of vibration control on the displacements and accelerations of controlled and uncontrolled buildings. It analyses their modal responses using an algorithm in MATLAB software. This study utilised instances of vibration control in models of a six-story and twelve-story skyscraper. The dynamic response of six-story buildings was assessed using two historical earthquakes, namely El Centro (1940) and Boumerdes (2003). The twelve-story skyscraper experienced two further significant earthquakes, namely Northridge (1994) and Kobe (1995). The building has undergone digital simulation, specifically modelling the displacement of the top story. Consequently, the structure equipped with the Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) system exhibits reduced displacement and acceleration compared to the structure without TMD. The implemented TMD system resulted in a displacement reduction of less than 45% in high-rise buildings subjected to seismic excitation.


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Bousouar, A., Harzallah, S., Nail, B., & Tibermacine , I. E. (2024). An investigation on the effects of using TMD for vibration control on the response of high-rise buildings to seismic excitation. STUDIES IN ENGINEERING AND EXACT SCIENCES, 5(1), 02–18.