Application of interdisciplinarity in the northern region

Aplicação da interdisciplinaridade na região norte


  • Antônio Pereira Júnior
  • Carlos José Capela Bispo
  • Gundisalvo Piratoba Morales
  • Hebe Morgane Campos Ribeiro
  • Altem Nascimento Pontes



learning, education, research


Interdisciplinarity is one of the tools at the disposal of teaching, learning and research in the context of Brazilian education.  The objective of this study was to analyze the applicability of the theme under study, in the articles published by 11 Higher Education Institutions, in the last five years (2017-2021) in the North region. The method employed was inductive, with qualitative scope, and observational nature. To obtain and select the literature, access was made to their repositories, as well as specialized electronic journals with free access. The analysis of the statistical data was carried out using electronic spreadsheets contained in the Excel software, version 2013, and application of Descriptive Statistics. The data obtained and analyzed allowed the identification of interdisciplinarity in these academic productions (n = 26;100%), and in the areas of knowledge established by CAPES, most frequently the association occurred between Environmental Sciences - Humanities (CAMB-CH, n = 4.0;15.4%). In quantitative terms, little was produced ( ) in this period, and the largest volume was identified at UFPA (n = 7.0;27%); the smallest, in six (n = 1.0; 3.8%), among which, UEPA. With this, it can be verified that there is still much to be done for interdisciplinarity to be more applied in the HEIs of the northern region.



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Júnior, A. P., Bispo, C. J. C., Morales, G. P., Ribeiro, H. M. C., & Pontes, A. N. (2022). Application of interdisciplinarity in the northern region: Aplicação da interdisciplinaridade na região norte. STUDIES IN ENVIRONMENTAL AND ANIMAL SCIENCES, 3(4), 1003–1014.