Testicular microlithiasis negatively affects sperm quality in bovine sires


  • Edgar Medel-Martinez
  • Luis Antonio Saavedra-Jiménez
  • Maria Benedicta Bottini Luzardo




mineralization, gonads, spermatozoids


Testicular microlithiasis is an asymptomatic pathology of unknown origin, characterized by microcalcifications in the seminiferous tubules. In humans, it is correlated with subfertility, but it is unknown if the same occurs in animals. We evaluated testicular microlithiasis frequency and semen quality in 103 bovine sires. The evaluated animals were grouped by species (Bos taurus, Bos indicus and crosses thereof) and age (16 ≤20 months, >20 ≤30 months and >30 months). Animals positive for testicular microlithiasis were classified as grade 1 (5 ≤10 microlites), grade 2 (>10 ≤20 microlites) or grade 3 (>20 microlites). Semen was collected and individual motility, sperm concentration and morphology evaluated. Frequency of a positive testicular microlithiasis diagnosis was 41.74% overall. Positive animals had lower (p<0.05) semen quality values than negative animals: motility, 59.65% vs. 73.1%; concentration, 262.3 x 106 vs. 597.7 x 106sp mL; and normal sperm, 82.6% vs. 89.5%. Presence of testicular microlithiasis in bovine sires negatively affected sperm motility and concentration.


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