Enteroparasites and risk factors for infection in native and exotic domiciled birds in the North Pioneer region of Paraná State, Brazil


  • Juliana de Medeiros Santos
  • Luciane Holsback
  • Celmira Calderón
  • Iris Teste Sonego
  • Ellen de Souza Marquez
  • Bruna Fernanda Firmo




Health Management, Intestinal Parasites, Sheather Technique, Wild Birds


Although parasitic infections are common in free-ranging birds, they pose more significant threats in captivity. Free-ranging birds can live in large areas and have low exposure to parasitosis. On the other hand, birds kept in captivity, the high population density results in greater exposure, putting the animal's survival at risk. The aim of this study was to assess the occurrence of gastrointestinal endoparasites in domiciled birds (native and exotic) in the Mesoregion North Pioneer of Paraná. For this, 59 fecal samples were collected from 63 birds and analyzed by the centrifugation-flotation method in hypersaturated sucrose solution. Of the 63 birds, 38 (60%) were native, 22 (35%) exotic and 3 (5%) hybrids. Oocysts, eggs and larvae were found in 22.03% (13/59) of the samples analyzed. Higher occurrence of protozoa (20.34% - 12/59) than helminths (5.08% - 3/59) was observed, in which seven genera found: Isospora, Eimeria, Ancylostoma, Heterakis, Strongyloides, Cryptosporidium and one cestode. No endoparasites were found in the ten exotic birds and three native birds analyzed. It is concluded that the birds were infected by helminths and protozoa with a higher occurrence of coccidia, with the genus Isospora predominating. Probably due to the low sampling, there was no influence of keeping birds in individual cages compared to birds kept in collective cages, birds raised in rural or urban areas, nor of the adequacy and hygiene of drinkers and feeders, thermal comfort and hygiene of the birds' enclosures. Studies on parasites in wild birds are necessary to gain a more profound understanding of the intensity of anthropogenic influences on these animal species.


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